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162: An App to automatically capture memories spent with kids

automatically capture memories spent with kids


1. A lot of parents after their kids grow up,
2. they would like to recall the wonderful
3. memories of the times they spent with their kids when
4. their kids were younger.

5. The main problem is, as the years pass by
6. they keep losing these photos
7. as they change phones or
8. forgetting to back these photos.

9. They would love if there is a simple app which
10. can automatically take those special photos
11. and store them permanently somewhere.
12. Actually, I personally had this same problem.


1. You will create a smartphone app
2. At the end of every month and
3. at the end of every year,

4. This app will take the best family pictures , add music and create a video
5. This musical video will have all the
6. pictures with the time spent with their kids.

7. When users install the app, it will initially
8. show some pictures from the phone
9. and ask the user to identify and name the family members
10. from these pictures.

11. The app will store these settings and
12, use these settings to identify
13. family members automatically in future pictures.

14. At the end of every month and
15. at the end of every year,
16. the app automatically monitors the photos in their phone
17. and detects the family photos automatically
18. and also detects the happiest moments.

19. Then the app
20. will pick these best pictures , adds some music and creates a video
21. for that month.

22. The video can be uploaded
23. to the user’s Google photos account or Dropbox account
24. and stored forever.

25. After a few years, when the kids are grown up,
26. these parents can look at these videos and feel happy
27. recalling the best moments, they spent with their kids.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro version: The free app will show only 5 pictures in each video
1.1 the pro version will show anywhere from 20- 50 photos
1.2 charge 4.99 for the pro version

2. Show educational apps : Since they have kids, show educational apps
2.1 from the app store. If they buy them , you will get affiliate commission
2.2 from the app store.

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