Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

FS 028: Hershey’s Chocolates: A fourth grade dropout ,and a farm boy to a world-famous billionaire chocolatier

Milton Hershey started many business and failed in all of them. Any one else would have been crushed by these failures but not Milton. His passion kept him going and he became one of the richest person in America.

Let us find out how he did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • A tragic incident involving his sister at his young age and how he was affected
  • What character his mother instilled in him, which helped him throughout his life.
  • Why he had to drop out after his fourth grade
  • His first apprentice job and what he learnt there.
  • How he got the money to open his own candy shop
  • His first devastating business failure and his health problem
  • Getting another job to learn more skills and techniques
  • Opening a second business
  • How he met his future wife
  • His second business failure
  • What made his start his business again
  • How he discovered chocolates and chocolate making
  • What he did during the great depression to pay his employees – You will see how great a man Hershey is, during this incident.
  • A tragic incident with his wife
  • One big lesson he learnt from his mother that made him successful. – You could see how Milton Hershey followed this in life story.
  • His great service to his community and to humanity.

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