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119: Yelp for small business software products

Yelp for small business software products


1. There are lots of small business owners out there
2. who are looking for software to be used in their business,
3. They are not sure which software is good and which is bad.

4. Right now, there is no good website
5. which reviews software specifically for small business owners.


1. You build a website similar to yelp
2. It will show the reviews and ratings for
3. software products useful for small business owners.

4. To help generate reviews and ratings,
5. contact the software companies to request their users to add reviews.

6. To make sure, users give honest reviews,
7. request them to login with Facebook or Linkedin id.

8. In addition to this,
9. Your software will scour the internet and
10. will get the ratings for the various software from other websites,
11. combine them and
12. show the average ratings for each software on your website.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Sponsorships : Companies can sponsor and
1.1 when users search for a particular software
1.2 for e.g accounting software ..
1.3 You will show the sponsors in the search results
1.4 of course, you will let the users know that these are sponsored results.

2. Affiliate commission: Sign-up as affiliates
2.1 for the software displayed on your website.
2.2 if someone buys from your website, you get an affiliate commission.