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120: Product hunt for jokes

Product hunt for jokes


1. Lot of us would like to read new jokes.
2. but we can’t seem to find good jokes to read.
3. Almost all the websites have jokes which do not get updated often.


1. You will build a website
2. similar to product hunt but this is just for jokes
3. People submit jokes and the community will upvote the best jokes

4. To get initial jokes for your website, check out these pinterest funny  jokes  pages.
5. Since the community submits jokes and the community upvotes them
6. there will always be good jokes through out the day.

7. When someone visits your website, they will always find new jokes
8. You had made them laugh several times a day. Horray!

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sell Merchandise : Setup a Zazzle shop and sell humorous T-shirts and other merchandise.

2. Publish kindle books : Track the best jokes for each day and after a year,
2.1 Publish books every year called “The best jokes of 2015”, “The best jokes of 2016” etc.

3. Sell other Jokes books : Signup as amazon affiliate and sell joke books from amazon.