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121: Automatically check your grocery for harmful ingredients

Automatically check your grocery for harmful ingredients


1. There are a lot of health conscious people who
2. would love to know if any of the ingredients in the groceries
3. they buy can be harmful or known to cause any illness.
4. but they have no way to check this
5. except to google each ingredient , which is cumbersome.


1. You build an iphone app
2. you collect the information about harmful ingredients and store it in your app
3. You can get information about harmful ingredients from, foodbabe etc.

4. You can hire Virtual assistants to get this data if needed.
5. you need to monitor these websites and keep updating this information in your app.

6. Once the users download your app and when they go grocery shopping,
7. they open your app and take a picture of the ingredients.

8. The app will convert this picture to text and will
9. compare it with your database of harmful ingredients
10. to see if any of these ingredients can cause harmful effects.

11. if it finds something, it will show them the details of these harmful ingredients.
12. Now, She is happy that she is eating healthy food.

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2. Your Own E-books : Read health blogs like Foodbabe Investigations , Food renegade
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