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122: Automatically predict what clothes to pack for a trip

Automatically predict what clothes to pack for a trip


1. A lot of tourists travel to multiple countries on one trip
2. When they have to pack the clothes,they have to check the weather
3. for each day in each country

4. and pack the appropriate clothes.
5. This is a little cumbersome and frustrating.


1. You create an iPhone app
2. your customers email their itinerary
3. and after this , when they open your app

4. based on your itinerary, it will show what type of clothes to pack and
5. how many clothes to pack

6. What is happening behind the scenes, is ,
7. your software once it receives the itinerary,
8. it will check the dates and countries and

9. it will cross check the weather in those countries for those days
10. and will recommend the appropriate clothing to pack and
11. how many clothes to pack.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium model : if a trip has 2 countries, the app is free to use
1.1 if the trip has more than 2 countries, the user can unlock the full version for $1.99

2. Sell Travel Guides : Sell Travel Guides from Amazon and you can get affiliate commission.