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123: Summarize Entrepreneur podcasts into info-graphics

Summarize Entrepreneur podcasts into infographics


1. There are a lot of blogs who interview entrepreneurs
2. Like Mixergy, Entrepreneurs on fire, Rise to the top etc.
3. Most of these podcasts are 30 minutes to 1hr long
4. A lot of people would like to listen but do not find the time.

5. They would love if someone can summarize them
6. Just like business books summaries
7. and post as info-graphics
8. so, they can read them in less than 5 minutes.


1. You download the transcripts of these interviews
2. Get the main points and summarize them.
3. Just like business book summaries, you will do
4. entrepreneur interview summaries.

5. if you cannot do it, hire someone in Fiverr(I hired a couple of people to do book summaries)
6. Search for summary in fiverr.

7. Once you have the summaries, use Piktochart or canva to create info-graphics.
8. check out some cool info-graphics for entrepreneurs  in google and
9. these will give you ideas for creating your info-graphics.

10. Your customers are aspiring entrepreneurs
11. whose age is from early thirties to early 50’s and
12. they would love to start their own business.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1.Sponsorship : The original podcasts normally have sponsorship’s,
1.1 contact the same sponsors to get sponsorships for your info-graphics too.

2. Membership site: On the main blog, post a few free summaries,
2.1 Start a membership site and post one summary every week
2.2 Charge $9.99 per month or $100/year.