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125: Wake-up alarm when you reach your bus or train stop

Wake-up alarm when you reach your bus or train stop


1. A lot of people in a lot of cities
2. travel long hours to work everyday.

3. When they get into the train,
4. they fall asleep( thinking about the drudgery!).

5. Sometimes they miss their stop and
6. suddenly they wake up in the next stop and
7. they take the train back to their stop.

8. Actually I used to fell asleep in BART train,
9. when I traveled to San Francisco for work!
10. and have missed my stop a few times and had to take the opposite train back.


1. You will build an iPhone/Android app
2. When the user downloads it, it will ask for his home and work address and saves it.

3. When the users starts to go to his work,
4. It will automatically detect when the person is near a bus stop or train station.

5. Once he gets on the train or bus,
6. your app will use the inbuilt phone GPS and check every 5 minutes if
7. the destination is closer.

8. once the destination is within 2-3 minutes, vibrate the phone to alert him
9. that the destination is near.

10. He wakes up and gets down in his stop.
11. From now on, he sleeps well, confident that he will never miss his stop.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Freemium Version : The free app version will work for 5 days in a month.
1.1 if they need for more days, they can buy the app for 0.99 cents.

2. Restaurant Coupons: Since they go to work , the may eat outside for lunch.
2.1 Join as affiliate partner with restaurant coupon websites like
2.2 and show restaurant coupons to the app users.
2.3 These coupon websites will give you affiliate commissions, if the user buys something.