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126: Help Husbands plan a perfect wedding anniversary

Never miss your wife's birthday and your mariage anniversary


1. A lot of husbands get into trouble when they forget their
2. wife’ birthday or their wedding anniversary.

3. There are a lot of birthday reminder apps for iPhone
4. but none of these specifically focus on just this single problem.

5. These apps may just remind them of these dates and
6. possibly send an e-greeting and nothing else.

7. A lot of people(husbands) would like to have an app
8. that can remind them of the date, show them what gifts their wife will like,
9. order flowers and book a dinner at her favorite restaurant.

10. Right now , this takes a lot of time and
11. they are not interested to do all this work

12. They would love if all this could be done
13. without much work or effort on their part.


1. You build an iPhone/Android app
2. The husband will download and signs in with his Facebook account

3. It will ask his home address and his wife’s name and Facebook account.
4. To find what gifts his wife will like,

5. the app will scan his wife’s Facebook profile and
6. displays all the items she had liked in Facebook

7. Etsy and Amazon had also  created  a gift-finder using Facebook – check out the details here.
8. The husband picks a few items that his wife would like.
9. You link the items to amazon and he can order from amazon.

10. To deliver the flowers, use any of the flower delivery apis like
11. He will pick the flowers and
12. your app will automatically order them to be delivered on the exact date.

13. To book a restaurant reservation, the husband will pick the restaurant and
14. your app will make the reservation.
15. Use the open table affiliate program to book the reservation.

16. The husband will get a reminder 1 week and 1 day before the event.
17. Voila. On that day, Flowers will be delivered, gifts will be delivered and
18. dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant is ready.

19. What a sweet husband who planned things perfectly!.
20. You and your app saved a marriage and brought happiness to an husband and wife.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Donation : Request for donations from the app.
1.1 They can donate how much ever they feel like donating.

2. Affiliate commissions : You will get affiliate commissions ,
2.1 if they order flowers from and
2.2 book restaurant reservations from OpenTable