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127: Help software engineers prevent their hidden and dangerous health issues

Help software engineers prevent their hidden and dangerous health issues


1. There are a lot of software engineers
2. Who have many health issues caused due to their work habits.
3. Grueling hours, Stress, Junk food and Red Bull are causing this

4. Check out this excellent in-depth article in Fortune magazine titled
5. “Is Silicon Valley bad for your health?” (Highly recommended to read)

6. Ronesh Sinha, an internal-medicine physician and
7. PAMF’s director of employer health services
8. says “A toxic cocktail of poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, and stress..
9. is causing an epidemic of advanced aging in Silicon Valley.”

10. He tells of a 34-year-old programmer who came in complaining of neck pain.
11. X-rays revealed severe degenerative arthritis caused by poor posture, insulin resistance,
12. tissue inflammation

13. This is caused as a result of insulin resistance and
14. a diet high in processed carbohydrates and sugars.
15. It was the type of affliction a doctor would typically find in someone around age 70.

16. Ronesh says this is a ticking time bomb.
17. He adds “the way that the time bomb is going to explode is different in each person”

18. Software engineers have too many health problems and
19. they will get worse as they get older than 35 years.

20. Most of these software engineers are unaware of these ticking time bombs in them
21. and some of these engineers are looking for information
22. on how to solve these problems and stay healthy.


1. You build a WordPress blog
2. You will write about the following…
2.1 The health issues faced by software engineers and their remediations,
2.2 the right type of exercise during and after work,
2.3 stress relief remediations
2.4 good and bad foods
2.5 good diets for the sedentary software work.

3. This blog will focus on health and wellness for software engineers only.
4. If you are not an expert on this, read for 2hrs per day about this topic and in two months
5. i.e with about 80hours ( 2hrs a day for 40 days ), you can become almost an expert.

6. To make your articles more trustworthy, partner with  a few doctors and
7. get endorsements for the articles you provide on your website.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Sell your own e-guides: As you start writing good articles on your blog, you will notice
1.1 the common health problems in software engineers. You can write several guides like
1.2 “How to prevent high-tech heart attacks”
1.3 “7 simple 1-minute workouts to be a super-healthy software engineer”
1.4 “11 simple remedies to eliminate the Nasty back pains forever”
1.5. Sell each of these guides  for $49.99

2. License your in-depth content to hi-tech companies : Write in-depth articles and create videos and
2.1 license this content to companies(white-labeling)
2.2 Companies will have your content on their intranet and
2.3 they will make it accessible to their employees.
2.4 Employers spend huge amounts of money for their employees health.

3. Amazon Affiliate: Sell books, vitamins, exercise  equipment from Amazon and get affiliate commissions.