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128: Help bloggers make more money by teaching copywriting through infographics

Help bloggers to make more money by Teaching copywriting through infographics.


1. A lot of bloggers are interested in copywriting
2. Copywriting skills helps bloggers write better blog posts,
3. so they can create viral blog posts.

4. Copywriting skills also help them write very good sales pages
5. to sell a lot of their products and it can help double or triple their sales.

6. We can tell that copywriting is in demand
7. because copyblogger and Copyhackers have thousands and thousands of readers
8. and millions of page views.

9. Right now, there is so much information on various good blogs
10. like copyblogger, copyhackers etc.

11. These blogs have long detailed blog posts about copywriting
12. but lots of bloggers do not have time to read these long blog posts

13. They prefer to get summaries or info-graphics
14. like cliffnotes for copywriting.


1. You will build a blog.
2. First,  find the best articles on copywriting
3. To find out the best articles on copywriting,
4. use Tools like buzzsumo, open site explorer and  quick sprout

5. These tools will give the articles ,
6. which had the highest number of social shares and good backlinks.

7. check out this article from quick sprout on
8. how to use these tools to find the best articles.

9. Once you have identified the highest read or shared articles,
10. Read and summarize them and
11. Create info-graphics using canva or pikto-chart.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Build a paid membership community : Create a paid membership site
1.1 where you publish one in-depth info-graphic
1.2 every week , these info-graphics will not be available to
1.3 anyone else, except to the members.

1.4 You will bring in copywriting experts and
1.5 also host a monthly call with your subscribers and
1.6 answer any questions they have.

1.7 Once a month , interview famous bloggers and
1.8 find out how they use copywriting to increase their sales
1.9 start a closed Facebook private group only to members.
1.10 Charge a yearly $199.00 or $19 per month membership fee.

2. Sell your own Training course: Once you start making money,
2.1 Create a Video Training course called “Make 6-figures with blogging”
2.2 Sell it for $499.99.