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129: Bring people out of bad moods and make them happy

Bring people out of bad moods


1. A lot of people are in bad moods most of the time
2. The best way to bring someone out of their bad moods
3. is to divert them and show them humorous stuff,
4. like jokes or Humorous Videos.

5. Right now, if someone is in a bad mood,
6. he will NOT go and search YouTube for funny videos.

7. He would like it, if someone showed him a funny video
8. But he has no-one to show him the funny video
9. and he remains in a depressed mood.


1. You will build an iphone and Andriod app
2. When the user opens the app,

3. he will immediately see a funny Video
4. Once this video is over, he will see more funny videos continuously.

5. Here is how you build the app and get the Videos..
6. Initially , you curate about 2000 of the best funny videos
7. from YouTube, Facebook , Vimeo etc
8. and store it in your app.

9. You can hire a Virtual assistant or you can do the curation yourself
10. Then every week, you can keep adding 50 more videos to your app.

11. Ok, Pat yourself on your back now,
12. You have bought happiness and peace on this earth with your app
13. by dissolving their bad moods and making people laugh.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. iAds : Show ads from iAds at the bottom of the video

2. Create your own E-guide : This guide will be named “7 Habits of happy people”.
2.1 You will do research on happiness and happy people  and write this guide.
2.2 You can read books like Stumbling on happiness,¬† “Eat, pray , love” and
2.3 other happiness books and
2.4 write this e-guide
2.5 You can sell it for $19.99