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130: Help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed by providing them YouTube podcasts from Successful entrepreneurs

Help aspiring entrepreneurs


1. Lot of entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs
2. would like to listen to speeches and talks from
3. successful entrepreneurs
4. during their commute or when they go out hiking or jogging.
5. Mixergy and Eofire are very successful by interviewing successful entrepreneurs.

6. Youtube has lots of Videos from famous entrepreneurs
7. Like Steve Jobs, Elon musk, Paul Graham(YCominator) etc
8. Currently the only way to listen to these are by watching the YouTube videos.

9. But a lot of people would love to listen as audio while they are commuting
10. They do not want to stream the video while they are driving , Jogging or exercising.


1. You will build an iPhone and Android App
2. Users open your app

3. It will show that day’s entrepreneurs podcasts
4. The user will start listening to that podcast
5. Once it is over, the next podcast will start playing.

6. All the podcasts are from successful entrepreneurs only.
7. Here is how you build it..

8. You select the best Videos from successful internet entrepreneurs
9. from YouTube , Vimeo , stanford ecorner and other sites.
10. You extract the audio from these videos
11. using any of the available  browser add-ons and software

12. Generally these videos do not have copyrights
13. All these new-age-internet entrepreneurs infact, love
14. if their videos/audios get copied and listened to.

15. Open an account in Soundcloud to host the podcasts
16. Build an app and play the podcasts from soundcloud

17. Make it easy for them to search for a particular entrepreneur in the app.
18. Because of your app, your user is happy listening to successful entrepreneurs
19. and one day soon will become a successful entrepreneur himself.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Podcast builders course : Start a course on
1.1 how to “Start , Grow and make money with podcasts” course
1.2 Sell it for $499.

2. Sell Affiliate courses : You can sell Chris Guillebeau courses,
2.1 Ramit sethi’s Zero to launch courses, Memberships to etc.
2.2 and get affiliate commissions.

3. Sponsors : Get sponsors for your podcasts.