Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

132: Help others find their passion and to start a business around it.

Help others find their passion and to start a business around it


1. A lot of people would like to start a business
2. around their passions
3. but they have a tough time figuring out their passions.

4. Even if they know their passions,
5. they are not sure if they can make money from their passion.


1. You will build a website and an app
2. Users will come and take a short fun quiz,
3. and they will find out what their passions are.

4. You will ask them the following 5 questions
5. What  would you do if you had 5 million dollars?
6. When you’re in a bookstore what section of the store are you drawn to?
7. When you have free time , what type of books or magazines do you read?
8. When you watch TV, what shows do you like?
9. When you watch documentaries, what type of documentaries do you watch?

10. instead of them writing the answers,
11. they will pick a few keyword choices you provide.
12. For e.g for the question “What would you do if you had 5 million dollars?”
13. you would provide the following keywords
14. “Relax in beach”, “start a business”, “Quit job” etc.
15. They can just pick the choices.

16. for each of the 5 questions, provide these pre-chosen passion keywords.
17. They can pick multiple passions for each question.
18. You would need to do some work to determine these passions keywords
19. for each of these questions.

20. Once they answer these questions,
21. Analyze the common keywords from the above 5 questions
22. and show them their passions.

23. Next step is to check if they can make money from their passion.
24. Connect to amazon and pull all the best selling magazines
25. from here

26. If their passion matches with any of the best selling magazines,
27. they can pick a small niche on this magazine topic and
28. they can choose to start a blog or podcast or an YouTube channel
29. based on this topic.
30. Since the magazine is a bestseller in Amazon,
31. it proves that a lot of people are interested in that topic.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Amazon affiliate: Once they find their passions,
1.1 they would like to buy books and subscribe to magazines,
1.2 if they buy these from your website, you will get amazon affiliate commissions.

2. Sell you own E-books : You will create you own e-books called
2.1 “How to build a WordPress blog in 1hr for your passion business”
2.2 “How to Validate your idea if it will make money”