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133: Make people happy by helping them listen to the best comedy podcasts

Make people happy by helping them listen to the best comedy podcasts


1. A lot of people would like to listen to comedy podcasts
2. But they do not have the time to figure out
3. Who the best comedians are and

4. They also do not want to download these podcasts
5. into their iPhone, since it takes up a lot of space
6. They wish they can listen to the best comedy podcasts
7. Just like they listen to a radio channel but on their smart-phone.


1. You build an iPhone/android app
2. The user opens the app and
3. he will see the latest podcasts from the top comedians.

4. He starts listening and once this podcast is over
5. The next podcast starts to play automatically
6. Here is how you can build this

7. You open an hosting account in SoundCloud or Lybsyn to store the podcasts
8. You curate the best comedy podcasts
9. by doing this google search

10. You create a program to pull these podcasts and store them in your hosting servers
11. In your app, You can stream these podcasts
12. from your hosting provider (SoundCloud or Lybsyn)
13. Because of you and your app, your users are happy and having a fun day.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. iAds : Show iAds below the podcasts

2. Premium version of App : When they buy the premium versions, ads will be removed
2.1 Charge $4.99 for the app

3. Sponsored Results in your app: Talk to the comedians and
3.1 convince them to sponsor their shows in your app,
3.2 so, they will be shown at the top of the queue in your app.
3.3 but you will let the users know that these are sponsored podcasts.