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134: Find your illness by texting your symptoms

Find your illness


1. A lot of people when they are sick
2. would like to know what their illness is
3. because they are afraid if it might be some
4. bad illness
5. Recently, one my friend used to have slight pains
6. near his heart area
7. he used to took some pain tablets and It used to go away.
8. But one day it was a little painful and he
9. immediately went to the doctor
10. The doctor asked him not to move and asked
11. him to call his wife and he rushed to the emergency room
12. They found his lungs were shrinking
13. Fortunately he got operated and is doing well now.
14. That is when I got this idea that everyone should be
15. able to find their illness in a very simple way from their mobile phone.


1. First check out the magic service here
2. Magic is a service where you text them what you want and they will
3. get it for you.
4. Let us say you want to deliver flowers to your girlfriend
5. at 9:00am tomorrow.
6. you text them your request and they will let you know how much it will cost
7. and they will deliver. Voila. Easy-peesy
8. In the similar way, your customers will text their symptoms to your service
9. and your service will reply  back with possible illness information.
10. Here is how you can build it
11. When someone texts your service their symptoms
12. You can use any of these symptom checker api’s to find the illness – here and here
13. and return the illness information.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. E-books : Once they find out their illness.
1.1 You can sell them e-guides on how to cure it or manage it.

2. Affiliate income : You can also sell books and medical devices related to their illness from Amazon
2.1 and get affiliate commissions