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136: Blog Feed Summarizer

Blog Feed Summarizer


1. A lot of people subscribe to many RSS feeds in
2. their RSS readers like Feedly, Digg etc.
3. Over time, there are so many blog posts to read,
4. it becomes overwhelming
5. They wish they could just read the summaries of
6. these blog posts.


1. You will create a website and a smart-phone app
2. Users login and they can connect to their Feedly and Digg account

3. Or they can export and import their Feedly and Digg RSS feeds
4. into your application.
5. They will immediately see all their summarized blog posts

6. Whenever they login to your application,
7. they will see summarized blog posts.

8. Here is how you build it.
9. You will ask your users to export all the RSS feeds from their
10. RSS readers like Feedly/Digg using OPML Export to your app.

11. Here is the procedure to export/import RSS feeds
12. You can also use Feedly Api
13. to pull their RSS feeds to your app.

14. Once you get the feeds
15. you will pass these blog posts through one of the summarization engines.
16. And the summarization engine will output the blog summary.

17. You should partner with one of the summarization engines.
18. Here is the link to find the summarization engine companies.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro Version : The free version will do about 100 blog summarizations per month,
1.1 If they need more blogs to be summarized, you could charge $5 per month
1. 2 You could offer more features like pulling data more faster,
1.3 See Feedly Pro version to get ideas on what features to provide in your pro version.

2. Sell Related Items : Analyze what blogs they read and
2.1 recommend related books from Amazon affiliate program.