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137: Faster business book reading using infographics

Faster business book reading using infographics


1. A lot of people would like to read business books
2. but they do not have time
3. They are happy if they get 4-5 takeaways or key points from the book

4. Some subscribe to Executive book summaries
5. Which summarize the book’s main points , so a book
6. can be read in less than 30 minutes

7. But even this summary is in text or audio which is boring
8. A lot of people would love to read the books if they can be made simpler and fun.

9. The best way to make it fun and easy to read , is using infographics
10. and creating the book summaries with lots of cool images and
11. very very less text.


1. First, check out these infographics of a few business books.
2. so you will get an idea on how business infographics will look like

3. Next, You will build a membership website
4. To create summaries for books , you can do 2 things

4. Read through the more than 800+ Free summaries at actionable books
5. And also get a yearly subscription to blinkist,
6. where you can read each book summary in less than 15 minutes.

7. With this knowledge,  Write down 4-5  main points from each book
8. Then create the infographics using Canva  or

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium Model : Give 5 books a year free.
1.1 if they like them and would like to access more books,
1.2 charge a yearly membership fee of $79 for 24 books per year.

2. Corporate memberships : Contact the HR representative of fortune 500 companies
2.1 and sell them yearly memberships for $100 per employee with unlimited books.

2.2 There are a lot of big companies like Audio-tech, Soundview and GetAbstract
2.3 which provide book summaries to fortune 500 companies and make millions.
2.4 So, there is huge demand for book summaries in fortune 500 companies
2.5 and small business.

3. Sell individual e-books : Some people would like to buy individual e-books
3.1 Sell each book for $1.99 on your website and
3.2 sell them on Amazon too.
3.3 I personally bought individual business e-book summaries on Amazon.