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138: Search engine to find the best marketing advice

Search engine which finds the best marketing advise


1. A lot of business owners who have an internet business
2. are looking for marketing advise to get traffic and make money.

3. When they google for any problem they have,
4. they get too many results and
4. they do not know which advise to trust and which advise not to trust

5. These business owners would love
6. if they can just get the advise(search results) from only the
7. best and most reliable Online marketing experts.


1. You will build a website
2. which will be similar to google’s home page,
3. with just a search box

4. When users type in a question about marketing, let us say for example
5. “social media marketing” , they will see results only from the
6. best and most reliable Online marketing experts

7. Here is how you build it
8. you build a custom search engine using Google custom search engine
9. When you build the google custom search engine,
10. You can specify what websites your custom search engine will search

11. You can add the best online marketing blogs like Quicksprout, backlinko, seomoz etc
12. When someone searches, it will provide results from the
13. best and most Trustworthy Online marketing expert’s websites which you have added
14. in your custom search engine.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Ad commissions : Google provides a commission
1.1 if someone clicks on the google ads on the search results page
1.2 from your custom search engine.

2. Sell Marketing books from Amazon : Sell marketing books from Amazon
2.1 like “Will it Fly from Pat Flynn“, “$100 Startup” etc.

3. Promote affiliate course from Top marketers : A lot of the top
3.1 online marketers sell  their own courses.
3.2 Become an affiliate of these products and promote them on your website
3.3 The affiliate commissions for these products range from  20- 50%