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139: on-demand Celebrity news

on-demand Celebrity news


1. Millions of people especially teens love celebrity news
2. These people would prefer to see only latest news
3. and do not care to see old news cause it is boring.
4. but currently, when they go to any celebrity news website,
5. they see lots of old news, which they do not want.


1. You will build a website and an app
2. When someone opens the app, it wills show only new celebrity news
3. Whatever news they saw last time they opened the app, that is gone

4. Here is how you will build it
5. I personally used Feedly and subscribed to
6. about 5 celebrity websites through their RSS feeds
7. like Yahoo OMG, TMZ , Eonline, People and US magazine

8. To my surprise, I found that, there is tons of new news articles every hour
9. Your app will just use an RSS reader to
10. pull all the RSS feeds from these websites every 10 minutes
11. And when the user opens the app, it should show only the new news articles.

12. Here is the google search to find the top celebrity news websites
13. If you cannot build the app, you can find a developer in upwork and get it built.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Paid version of the app : Show news for free 5 times a day
1.1 if they need to see more than 5 times a day, they can buy the app for $1.99

2. Promote Magazines : Promote celebrity magazines from amazon and get
2.1 affiliate commissions

3. iAds : Show Ads in the app