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141: Help high-schoolers and college students find promising and high paying careers

Help High-schoolers and college students find a promising and high paying careers


1. A lot of high-schoolers and college students are not fully aware of
2. all the different career options ,which are available for them.
3. Most of the times, they go with what their friends say or

4. what their parents says or what society thinks is the best career.
5. They and their parents would love if some one could advise these kids
6. Of the best and high paying career options based on what subjects these kids like.


1. A student comes to your website
2. and types in the subjects he loves
3. He will get a list of all the high paying careers
4. he can pursue

5. Here is how you can build this
6. First have a database which stores the best and high
7. paying careers for the next 5 -7 years,

8. You can collect this information by doing  a google search for “future trends in careers”
9. Associate each of these careers with the subjects which need to be studied for this career.
10. When the student picks his favorite subjects, get the associated careers and

11. Show them the high paying careers suitable for them.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Strengths finder Service: Have a paid service
1.1 where you can help discover the student’s top 5 strengths
1.2 with an assessment test
1.3 You can model this from tools like Strengthsfinder

2. Sell a guide about future high-paying jobs : Hire a researcher
2.1 to research the high-demand and high-paying jobs for the next 5-7 years
2.2 create a guide which has complete details
2.3 on all these future high paying jobs

2.4 Have lots of details on these jobs like
2.5 which locations these jobs will be located,
2.6 projected salaries etc
2.7 Sell this guide to parents for $99.99