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142: Uber and Lyft price comparison and booking app

Uber and Lyft price comparison and booking app Picture


1. There are a lot of “sharing economy” taxi companies
2. like Uber, Lyft , sidecar etc
3. When someone needs a least expensive taxi ride
4. He has to open each app and check the pricing
5. and decide which service to pick.
6. Consumers would love if there is a single app
7. Which can compare the prices of all these
8. different services and instantly provide the
9. cheapest ride and also book the taxi ride.


1. You will build an app which pulls
2. Pricing and driver location data from these services using
3. their api and show the user of the app the least expensive ride.
4. Here is Uber’s Api and Lyft’s Api documentation.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Charge a percentage of the savings : e.g if he saves $10 using your app
1.1 to find a cheaper ride , charge him $1 (1%) as fees.

2. Premium version: with the free version, they can use it 5 times a month
2.1 if they want to use it more, they can buy the premium version
2.2 for $9.99

3. Ads : Everytime they open the app,
3.1 show them ads at the bottom.