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143: Smart Digital Home – Youtube Channel and blog

Smart Home


1. There are a lot of high-tech geeks who love the latest technology
2. and they would like to outfit their house with the latest
3. smart digital devices.
4. like intelligent bulbs, door locks, door bells, kitchen appliances etc

5. IOT(internet of things) is getting main stream and home devices
6. have intelligent chips inside them

7. A lot of these high-tech geeks are looking for information
8. about smart home digital devices in one place and cannot find a good expert
9. on this topic.


1. You start an Youtube channel and a blog
2. You review all the smart digital home devices

3. Keep your YouTube channel videos funny and casual
4. A few smart home digital appliance examples are
a) Parrot plant monitor
b) Drop kitchen scale
c) Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker
d) Ring door bell
e). Phillips Hue bulb
f). Smart home security camera
g). Nest Thermostat

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. YouTube Ads: YouTube will share the ad revenue
1.1 Check on how much money other youtubers are making.

2. Amazon Affiliate : You can place Amazon affiliate links So, if someone likes
2.1 the review on YouTube,, they will buy from your link and
2.2 you will get commissions.