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144: Teach investing for millennials

investing for millennials


1. Millennials are just entering the workforce and millions more will be entering soon.
2. By the way, anyone born between 1980 to 1997 are called millennials
3. According to Fortune , by 2020 millennials could have $7 trillion in liquid assets.

4. These demographic is a little different than the current generation
5. They come out with big college debt and are skeptical about traditional wealth management.

6. They are looking for low fees, no or low account minimums and
7. they would like to automate investing as much as possible,

8. and like to access everything from their mobile phones.
9. Currently there is no authoritative financial blog to
10. teach and help manage investing to this millennials market segment.


1. You start a blog but post lots of Videos
2. Millennials love video more than reading text.
3. You speak their language ( Use their words like Yo, Dude etc ) and
4. teach them how to invest their money.
5. You can also review the products which cater to this market like
6. Wealthfront, FutureAdvisor(acquired by Blackrock for $150M) , Betterment etc.
7. The best way to do marketing is on snapchat where a lot of millennials hang out
8. Check out this Reddit article on how to do marketing in Snapchat

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Financial products Affiliate Income: Most financial products like Wealthfront and
1.1 Betterment have affiliate programs.
1.2 These companies will give commissions if users sign up from your website.

2. Sell Books from Amazon : Recommend good books from Amazon and
2.1 You can get affiliate commission.

3. Sell courses like Ramit Sethi’s Dream Job, Zero to Launch etc :
3.1 Become an affiliate and sell these courses
3.2 millennials love to increase their income.