Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

147: App for Virtual world tours

App for Virtual Tours


1. A lot of people love to see the world
2. but can’t afford it or do not have the time
3. They would love if someone could take them
4. on a virtual tour everyday.


1. You will build an iPhone/Android app.
2. Every day, when your users open the app
3. They will see one Video of a
4. beautiful place from around the world.

5. Here is how to build it
6. There are a lot of high quality videos of wonderful places from
7. around the world posted on the video sites
8. like YouTube, Vimeo etc

9. You can curate the best and highest-quality Videos
10. and post one Video of one beautiful place daily
11. in your app

12. Your customers will love it and thank you for taking
13. them on a tour of their favorite places

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Write your own e-book on Travel Hacking: A lot of people still think
1.1 Visiting places is expensive.
1.2 but you can show them how they can visit places very cheaply
1.3 to get ideas read Chris Guillebeau’s travel hacking blog and also google for Travel Hacking
1.4 sell this guide for $99.00

2. Affiliate income from credit cards:
2.1 one of the cheapest way to travel is to get frequent flyer point miles
2.2 A lot of credit card companies give out miles when someone signs up for the card
2.3 These credit card companies also offer affiliate commissions
2.4 when someone signs up the credit card from your website.