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148: Rate and Review the best Slackbots

Slackbots review


1. Slack is investing $80 million in slackbots
2. As slack is getting hugely popular and
3. being used by many startups and enterprises,

4. these startups and Enterprises would want to integrate with the best slackbots
5. Slack bots are add-ons to slack,  similar to apps in iPhone
6. which users can add to slack
7. to perform particular functions

8. Some examples of slackbots are phonebot(to make calls from slack)
9. Todo lists etc.

10. Startups and enterprises who are using slack
11. would love to find out what the best slackbots are and
12. would like to read reviews of the slackbots.


1. You start an YouTube channel, blog and podcast
2. and review new slackbots every week

3. Here is a Google search link to find the best slackbots
4. Since these slackbots are  apps , Reviewing through  video is better and

5. you can do screen captures(whatever is in your computer screen will be captured in your video)
6. to show the functionality of each slackbot.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Partnerships with the slackbot creators: Partner with the companies
1.1 which make the slackbots
1.2 and if someone installs their app from your video links
1.3 they can pay you a small percentage of the sale price.

2. Job board : Since your community is mostly comprised of slack users
2.1 Run a job board so anyone who wants a slack developer can
2.2 post the job and recruit from your blog.
2.3 charge $499 per month for each job listing.