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149: Summarize “How I work” from successful individuals

Summarize "How I work" from successful individuals


1. Fortune and Lifehacker publish a series called “How I work”
2. With the world’s top class highly successful individuals

3. Their readers love this series because Fortune magazine has been
4. Publishing this series for many years
5. This is currently in text format

6. A lot of people would love to see this information in Video and
7. infographics format.


1. You will create an YouTube channel
2. and a blog.
3. You will read all these articles,
4. summarize the main points.

5. Then take these main points and create a simple video
6. Here is a Google search to find these articles from Fortune and LifeHacker.

7. To create a Video, you can use windows movie maker(free for PC) or imovie(free in newer macs)
8. You can also create an accompanying infographic too for readers who like to read
9. For creating infographics , you can use

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Publish Amazon kindle books: once you have lots of infographics,
1.1 package 12 of them in a book
1.2 create a kindle book and sell it in the amazon kindle store for $9.99 each

2. Youtube Ad revenue sharing: YouTube shares revenue with you once you sign up as a partner
2.1 You can find these details here

3. Amazon self-help Books : Sell self-development and business books from amazon on the website.
3.1 since the users who visit your website are looking to become successful in life,
3.2 they would love to read books which can make them successful.