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150: Podcast about 20-30 year old millionaires

Podcast about 20-30 year old millionaires


1. A lot of the  millennial generation are
2. getting used to the on-demand  economy(uber,Airnbnb, Task rabbit)

3. They prefer to work on their own terms
4. and would like to start their own business
5. even if it is a lifestyle business
6. making 10-20k per month

7. They would love to know about
8. other young entrepreneurs who are successful
9. so they can emulate them.


1. Start a podcast but interview only
2. successful entrepreneurs who are already millionaires
3. and who are 20-30 years old

4. These interviews will inspire the younger generation
5. and help them become successful entrepreneurs.
6. Here is a Google search for find these young millionaires.

7. Read Tim Ferriss’s wonderful article on how to create
8. a successful podcast and how to make money with podcasts.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Podcast sponsors: First get more listeners and increase your downloads then
1.1 find sponsors for your podcasts
1.2 You could easily get 10k as sponsors if you have enough listeners.

2. Own Podcasting course: Once you become successful,
2.1 create your own “How to start a successful podcast” course
2.2 and sell it for $495