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151: Match employees with the best companies they would love to work for

Match employees to jobs they love


1. A lot of people would love to work for a good organization
2. But they do not know how to find that perfect organization

3. Fortune magazine does extensive analysis and
4. spends heavily and publishes one full edition of its magazine every year
5. about the best companies to work for
6. This means there is a huge demand from their readers for this information.

7. Glassdoor and Business insider also publishes similar reports
8. Currently, the information is scattered among these 3 websites
9. and the information is not organized well and not easily searchable
10.on these websites.

11. for e.g all the searches on these websites assume that
12. you already know the organization you want to work for

13. But what if you do not yet know the organization and you are in search of
14. A good organization.

15. Currently if someone wants to find an organization which is a perfect-fit for them
16. It is very very tedious and time-consuming to search on all these 3 websites.


1. You will build an iphone/Android app and a website too
2. Let us say someone want to work for an organization
3. With friendly bosses, flexible hours and free food

4. He comes to your website, puts these terms in the search
5. and Voila you show him the companies which offer these 3
6. and also show him the jobs currently available and the hiring managers
7. in those organizations.

8. Here is how you build it
9. You can collect the data from all the 3 websites (Fortune, Glassdoor and Business insider)
10. and for each organization , tag them with all the features they have like
11. friendly bosses, challenging environment, free lunches etc.
12. When someone searches, you can easily match the keywords and
13. show them the organizations with the right fit.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro features : Offer a pro version and offer additional features like
1.1 Show linked-in contacts : they can know if anyone they know works in that organization
1.2 More searches : with the free version they can do 3 searches a day, but unlimited with pro version.
1.3 Videos with real person working in that organization.
1.4 Charge them $9.99 for the pro version

2. Sell your own E-guide: Since everyone using your app and website
2.1 are looking for a Job or career change. Write your own e-book called “finding the right career you will love” on
2.2 how to find the right career
2.3 Sell it for $97.00

3. Amazon Affiliate : Sell books related to job and careers from Amazon.