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152: Neighborhood shared gym

idea#152: Neighborhood shared gym


1. A lot of people have one or two
2. exercise equipment in their house
3. and they usually keep it in their garages.

4. Most of them use the equipment only occasionally
5. because they get bored and they do not have friends to do the exercises with.
6. What if there is a way to help them do the workouts again.


1. You create an iphone/android app
2. People in your neighborhood (less than 1 mile) can register themselves
3. and the equipment they are willing to share.

4. They look for other people who are willing to share their
5. equipment and also work out with them.

6. So a group of 4-5 people is formed and
7. they decide on whose house they will meet
8. on which day and at what time.

9. They meet and do the different exercises each day.
10. Your app helped people exercise more and have fun too with their neighbors.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sell fitness books from Amazon : Since this group loves exercising and fitness
1.1 Sell fitness and health books from amazon

2. Create your own fitness Videos and host on YouTube: You hire fitness instructors and
2.1 create fun exercise instructional Videos.
2. 2 if you host on YouTube and sign-up as YouTube partner,
2.3 you will get a share of the ad revenue.