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153: Lessons from failures of entrepreneurs

Lessons from failures of entrepreneurs


1. A lot of entrepreneurs would like to be successful in their business
2. They can be successful,
3. if they can know the failures of other entrepreneurs and
4. learn from other entrepreneurs mistakes.


1. You start a YouTube channel and podcasts
2. You will talk about the failures of other entrepreneurs
3. And how they recovered

4. If they did not recover, you analyze and talk about why
5. they failed and how they could have recovered.

6. To get content for your Video and podcast, you can
7. do this Google search and also
8. listen to the best entrepreneur podcasts

9. Read these articles and listen to these podcasts
10. then extract the failures and how these entrepreneurs recovered
11. and host your own video and podcast.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Podcasts sponsorship: Once you get sufficient viewers and listeners
1.1 you can get good sponsors for your podcasts

2. Publish kindle books : Publish “Failures and how they recovered of famous entrepreneurs”
2.1 series of kindle books by transcribing your podcasts

3. YouTube Ad revenue: YouTube will share the ad revenue
3.1 with you if you sign up in their partner program.