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156: Simple yet powerful way to raise successful kids – A podcast

Happy Family with Kids


1. A lot of parents are not sure how to bring up their kids.
2. There are so many conflicting theories and innumerable books
3. written about this topic,
4. So parents are confused and are looking for a simple answer.


1. Carol Dweck world-renowned Stanford University psychologist did
2. decades of research on achievement and success and
3. wrote an amazing book called Mindset
4. In it she describes about Fixed mindset and Growth mindset

5. In a fixed mindset, you believe “I am a natural born singer” or “I’m just no good at dancing.”
6. In a growth mindset, you believe “Anyone can be good at anything. Skill comes only from practice.”

7. In a fixed mindset, people think they have natural abilities and they have to discover them and
8. They are not good at anything other than their natural abilities.
9. In a growth mindset, people think they can learn anything if they put their heart into it.

10. You can check out her TED talk here
11. Research has shown that
12. virtually all great successful people have had the growth mindset.
13. This is a simple idea but is very powerful and
14. once parents understand this simple concept they do not have to read
15. any more books.

16. You start a podcast and Youtube channel and
17. research about famous people and show from their life
18. how they used growth mindset to succeed in life.

19. Parents will be inspired by this
20. and will believe in the growth mindset and will raise kids
21. with the growth mindset

22. and they will thank you when they see
23. their kids grow up and become successful in life.

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