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157: Automatic Restaurant recommendation app for your next meal by analyzing your past credit card statements

Restaurant recommendation app


1. Lots of people have a problem on where to eat
2. their next meal.
3. Some people get a little tensed too.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. Here is how it works
3. The user adds his credit cards and
4. also provides his online id/password to the banking website.

5. The app in the background will pull the data
6. from the credit card websites,
7. and will look for restaurants and what type of restaurants he was going to

8. It will analyze the credit card statements for 3 months and
9. it will know what type of food heĀ  likes
10. and his favorite restaurants.

11. Based on this, it will search yelp for the best rated restaurants for the
12. type of food he likes and it will recommend his next restaurant.

13. It will also analyze what he eats during hot weather and cold weather
14. and it will check the current weather and recommend the appropriate restaurant too.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro version: The free version will recommend only 5 times a month
1.1 but the pro version is unlimited.
1.2 sell it for $4.99

2. Deals from Restaurants: Restaurants can send deals to the user
2.1 Charge restaurants a small fee for listing the deals.