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158: Home work answers from Ivy league students for high schoolers


1. Many high school students
2. have problems with their homework and
3. wish they had someone who is very good in that subject
4. explain the solution to them.

5. High-School students need this help, because they couldn’t
6. understand this from their teachers.


1. You will build a smart-phone app
2. When a high school student posts a problem,
3. An Ivy league student picks up the problem and will show them how
4. to solve the problem.

5. The high school student will receive answers from 3 Ivy-league students
6. and if he is not satisfied ,
7. he can set up a time to do
8. regular chat or video chatting with the Ivy-league student.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Donation: The high school student can pay a donation to the ivy league student
1.1 Since the high school student does not have the money
1.2 He can add his parents credit card on the account
1.3 or ask his parent to pay a donation whenever he gets an answer
1.4 you will take a very minimal cut(0.5%) from the donation and
1.5 give the rest to the ivy league student

2. Sell Books from amazon : Sell books which high-school students love.
2.1 you can sell fiction books as well as college books
2.2 you will get affiliate commission from amazon.

3. Ads – Show ads in the app occasionally.