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161: IMDB for just sci-fi Movies and TV shows

IMDB for Just Sci-fi movies and shows


1. Currently has all the information about all movies
2. and TV shows.
3. Sci-fi movie lovers will love it, if there is a dedicated site
4. like IMDB , Just for sci-fi movies and Sci-fi TV shows.
5. We all love exclusive communities. ( e.g FaceBook and SnapChat)


1. You build a website and a smartphone app,
2. You list all the sci-fi movies and TV shows from around the world
3. You can get the list by using some of these api’s .

4. Check out the details for the movie inception here in
5. It does not have the sci-fi feel to it and there is not much community discussion going on.

6. Design your website and app with a completely sci-fi look and feel and
7. Build an active community with a lot of discussions about each movie and each TV show.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. New movie releases : Partner with studios and you can show the trailers in the front page
1.1 You can charge advertising fees.

2. Affiliate commissions : Sell Trading cards, DVD’s and books and get affiliate commissions.