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163: Airbnb for Airport parking

Airbnb for Airport parking


1. A lot of people when going to the airport
2. instead of taking a taxi or Uber,
3. they park their car in a parking lots near the airport.

4. These parking lots have shuttles to drop them at the airport
5. and pick them up when they return back.
6. These parking lots charge a lot of money for each day

7. It ranges from $12 to $15 per day
8. I have seen these parking lots are very busy and are almost full

9. If someone is going for 10 days,
10. it costs about $170 with fees and taxes

11. What if they can find a cheaper parking in
12. private homes near the airport?


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. Once the user downloads and opens the app
3. The traveler picks the airport where he will be traveling from

4. He will immediately see parking places from private homes
5. and their prices.
6. He picks a parking place and reserves it.

7. On the day of his travel, he arrives at that place
8. talks to the parking space owner and parks his car there.
9. The owner can drop him in the airport or the traveler
10. Can take an uber to the airport.

11. While coming back, the owner of the parking space can
12. pick him up or he can get a uber ride.
13. This will work out very cheap for the traveler.

14. Let us say the owner charges $5 per day and
15. the Uber ride to and from the airport costs $20,

16. The total for 10 days is still $50 + $20 – which is $70
17. He saves $100 by not parking at the commercial parking space.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Take a commission : When some one books a parking space
1.1 from your app,
1.2 you will get a commission of 2% of the transaction.

2. Sell Coupon Guides from Amazon : You can sell them
2.1 Coupon books from Amazon
2.2 for the places they are traveling
2.2 and get affiliate commissions.