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186: A podcast to squash rumors

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1. Nowadays , with lots of social media and news outlets,
2. People hear lots of rumors and
3. are not sure which rumor is true and which is false
4. They are anxious to find out if a rumor is true or not.
5. which investigates and explains if a rumor is true or not
6. gets about 5 million page views per month, so this means
7. A lot of people are interested in this topic and
8. a lot of People would love if similar information is
9. presented in an audio format i.e as a podcast


1. This will be a podcast.
2. Every day , You will pick a rumor and explain if it is true or not.
3. in an audio format and in your own voice.
4. To get material for the podcast, read
5. the following web sites – , and
6. Pick the best rumors from these sites and
7. Explain on your podcast.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Get sponsors : Once your podcast gets a little popular, you can get sponsors

2. Sell your own Kindle books: Write a kindle book series called “Popular rumors exposed” and
2.1 publish about 25 rumors in each book
2.2 you could write atleast 4 books per year.