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187: Quora for startup founders

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1. Aspiring founders who want to start a business
2. Or who already have a business face lots of problems in their business and
3. they would love if other successful entrepreneurs
4. could help them solve their problems.
5. They could go to Quora but Quora is for all topics
6. And not specialized for founders.
7. It would be good if a website existed similar to Quora
8. But only for founders.
9. And only founders can ask questions and founders can answer.
10. Even though Facebook existed as a social network,
11. Another specialized social network NextDoor was started
12. to know your neighbors and NextDoor is successful too
13. So, Founders would love and welcome
14. a specialized Q&A site like Quora for founders


1. This will be a app and a website similar to Quora ,
2. users will authenticate with their Facebook id to maintain their real identity.
3. When a founder asks a question, another founder can answer
4. The website will maintain a leaderboard
5. to rate which founder answered the most questions,
6. So their name and their company will show up in the leaderboard
7. Also, when they answer any questions,
8. their startup name will appear along with their name
9. In both places, i.e on the leaderboard and when they answer the questions,
10. the founders will get exposure for their startup from the website visitors.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. One-to-one expert Mentoring: If a founder has a problem
1.1 and he finds another founder
1.2 who is solving problems efficiently,
1.3 he can book a one-to-one Mentoring for solving his problem
1.4 you could charge $59 per hour
1.5 You, as the app owner can take 2% commission of the fees
1.6 and pay the remaining to the mentor.

2. Promote affiliate courses on how to start a business: Promote affiliate course
2.1 like Ramit Sethi’s ZtoL, David siteman garland’s “Create awesome online courses” etc
2.2 and you can normally get $1000 per referral.