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188: Scan a prescription and find its side effects

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1. Millions of people take prescription drugs and
2. They would like to know about the drug’s side effects,
3. so they can be prepared if the side-effect happens.
4. but currently it is a little cumbersome to find this information.


1. This will be a smartphone app
2. Once, the user opens the app and
3. takes a picture of the prescription,
4. the app will instantly show the possible side effects
5. Of that prescription drug.
6. To find the side effects information for your app, you can
7. use various drug api’s.
8. There are a few api’s which are provided by US – FDA itself .
9. You can search for the words “drug side effects api” in google to find the api’s.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium model : Users can use the app for free 3 times a month,
1.1 After that, they can choose to buy it for $4.99 a year

2. Sell Medical Tools and Books from Amazon: Since you know their ailments
2.1 by the drugs they take
2.2 recommend new tools like
2.3 Blood glucose testing strips, Cholesterol monitors etc,
2.4 which will help them cope with their ailments.
2.5 You can also recommend books on alternate treatments,
2.6 Specialized cook books for their ailments etc.