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189: FlipBoard for doctors

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1. A lot of doctors would like to
2. know the latest news and trends in their specialty
3. Right now, they subscribe to different magazines
4. and they visit different websites to read the news and trends
5. They would love, if they could see all the news
6. in one simple app in their smart-phone


1. This will be a smart-phone app similar to Flipboard
2. For each specialty like OB/Gyn, Cardiologist etc,
3. You will find the best blogs and websites
4. which provide news and trends for doctors.
5. Every hour, your app will pull the RSS feeds
6. from these websites for each specialty.
7. After a doctor downloads the app, he selects
8. his specialties and he can then read the news and trends.
9. Your app will automatically archive the news he read
10. So the next time he opens the app, they will only see
11. the new news articles.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sell Sponsor Advertisements: Work with advertisers and
1.1 put sponsor advertisements in the news articles.

2. Sell Premium Version: Have a premium version
2.1 of the app. It will have features like
2.2 they can highlight articles , save them for future reference etc.
2.3 Sell it for $4.99 a year