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190: Meal planning for kids made easier

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1. Many Parents are stressed out
2. to plan their kids meals
3. especially if kids are going to school
4. They are not sure what to pack to school
5. and once they come back from school, what food to cook


1. You will build a smart-phone app
2. Once the parents download the app
3. The app will find the
4. ages of their kids and if they are vegetarians or
5. If they have any diet restrictions.
6. After this, every Friday ,
7. Your app will send meal plans sufficient for a week.
8. The meal plan will show for each day,
9. What breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner they would be preparing
10. Your app will also provide 4-5 extra recipes and if the parents
11. do not like a meal in any given day, they can change it.
12. You will also provide a grocery list ,
13. so it is easier to buy the things they would need.
14. If they remove any meal from your plan, your app
15. will automatically remove the items for this recipe
16. from the grocery list.
17. Now the parents need not worry about
18. What to cook and what to shop for their kids meals
19. and can spend happy time with their kids.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro version of your app : With the free version,
1.1 they can use the app for free for one month
1.2 With the paid version, they will get for the whole year
1.3 and it will also have extra features like, it will automatically order
1.4 the groceries using google express, instacart or amazon fresh.
1.5 Sell the pro version for $4.99 per year

2. Sell Kids toys and books : Since you know the ages of their kids
2.1 you can sell good toys and good books for their kids from Amazon.
2.2 You will get affiliate commissions from amazon