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191: Auto-remove bad photos and Auto-backup photos on smartphone

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1. Many of us have smartphones and
2. We take lots of photos
3. And the phone space gets filled up
4. What if there is a way to automatically clean up
5. bad and blurry photos and then
6. automatically backup and
7. delete the photos to clear space.


1. This will be a smart-phone app
2. Once the user downloads the app
3. He will add his google drive or amazon drive details.
4. These two cloud drives offer unlimited free photo storage
5. After this , the app will automatically
6. remove duplicate photos and blurry photos from their phones
7. and will backup the photos to their cloud drive
8. and it will delete the photos from their phone too
9. to clear up space.
10. If they want to see the photos,
11. they will open up their cloud drive and will see the photos
12. Google and Amazon organize the photos very well,
13. User can view their photos by year, by places, by faces etc
14. Now the user is happy that his photos are safe,
15. And he doesn’t have to worry about space issues on his phone anymore.
16. If he gets a new phone, all his photos are accessible again in an instant
17. As they are stored on the cloud in Google or Amazon drive.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Premium version of the app: With the free version
1.1 They can upload 100 photos
1.2 and with the premium version, they can upload unlimited photos.
1.3 you can sell the premium version for $9.99

2. Sell your own e-guide on good photography Tips: Write an e-guide about
2.1 tips on how to take good photographs on iPhone.
2.2 Many people do not know a lot of photo features in iPhone
2.3 Like if the light is not enough, they can tap on the photo and
2.4 increase the brightness and
2.5 also, a lot of people do not know that
2.6 they can use filters to enhance their photos in iPhone.
2.7 Create an eGuide with these types of tips
2.8 and sell it for $4.99