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192: Automatically share Photos of your vacation day with your friends and family

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1. Many people when they go on vacation
2. Would like to share their photos every day on their
3. Facebook or Instagram account
4. But when they come to their hotel room at night,
5. They are tired and cannot post their photos.
6. They would love, if there is an app which can automatically
7. Pick good photos and creates a video and posts it automatically
8. to their Facebook or Instagram account.


1. This will be a smart-phone app
2. Once the users downloads the app,
3. They can link it to their Facebook or Instagram account
4. Before they go on vacation,
5. they can specify what days they are going on vacation
6. At the end of each vacation day, the app will automatically take the photos
7. Creates a video and posts it to Facebook or Instagram
8. If the user wants, they can preview before the app posts it
9. to their Facebook or Instagram account.
10. They are happy that their friends and family members
11. can see their vacation photos
12. all without them having to post manually everyday.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sell Pro Version: The free version will post free for 2 days.
1.1 While the pro version can post for unlimited days
1.2 The pro version can also add music to the video before sending
1.3 you could sell the pro version for $4.99

2. Sell your own e-Guide on How to take good photos : Write an e-Guide
2.1 on how to take great pictures and edit them with the iPhone
2.2 Sell the e-Guide for $4.99