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193: Stock photography site specializing in just Ariel photography

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1. Currently all the stock photo websites sell regular photos
2. A lot of people are looking just for Ariel photos and videos
3. And there is no stock photography site which specialize in
4. Ariel photos and videos


1. You will build a website to sell only Ariel stock photographs and Videos
2. Do not sell any other type of stock photos,
3. specialize in only Ariel Photos and videos
4. Drones have become so cheap now
5. and a lot of consumers are buying them and taking Ariel
6. Photographs and Videos from their drones.
7. On your website or your smartphone app,
8. they can upload their photos and videos and tag them with keywords.
9. Consumers who want to buy these photos or videos
10. will pay and buy them from your app or website.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Get a cut from the sale price : Whenever you sell a Ariel photo or video,
1.1 take 10% and give 90% of the sale price to the photographer.

2. Sell good drones from Amazon: A lot of people would like to earn extra income and
2.1 want to take Ariel photos.
2.2 Sell the best Drones from Amazon and
2.3 you can get affiliate commissions.
2.4 you can also sell books from amazon
2.5 on how to take great Ariel photographs with drones.