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194: Instantly find emergency hospitals where a person’s insurance is accepted

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1. A lot of people when they have an emergency health situation
2. Want to find out which emergency hospital will accept their insurance
3. These are called “in-network” emergency hospitals.

4. Going to a hospital which is not
5. In their insurance’s network
6. Would cost them a lot of out-of-pocket
7. Expenses.

8. Sometimes they are traveling and are in a new place and
9. if they face an emergency health situation,
10. they would like to find out the nearby emergency hospitals

11. Which would accept their insurance.
12. and would want to go to that hospital.

13. Right now, it is a little cumbersome.
14. They either login to their insurance website and check
15. Or call the hospitals and check if they accept their insurance etc.


1. This will be a smartphone app
2. Once the user downloads the app,
3. He will take a picture of his insurance card

4. Your app will convert to text and will
5. Find the insurance details
6. When the user has an emergency health situation

7. He just opens the app,
8. The app detects his current location and
9. immediately shows all the nearby emergency hospitals
10. Where his insurance is accepted.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium Version of the app: The app will be free for one time and
1.1 the free version will show only 3 hospitals
1.2 The paid version can be used for unlimited times and
1.3 shows all the hospitals.

2. Sell Amazon books about diets and Wellness:
2.1 After he is back from the hospital, probably after 3 days,
2.2 Show him good books about diets and wellness from Amazon
2.3 and you can get affiliate commissions.