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196: An easy way to get Post Surgery updates

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1. When someone is having a surgery
2. Friends and family keep enquiring everyday and
3. Keep calling the patient’s wife or whoever is staying with the patient
4. wanting to know the updates.

5. They have to keep repeating to everyone
6. about the patient’s condition and it is tiring.


1. This will be a smartphone app
2. When the patient is admitted in the hospital,
3. his wife or his close friend who is staying in the hospital
4. opens up the app and it will immediately
5. create a page and they can keep posting surgery and
6. post-surgery updates on that page.

7. Anyone who wants to see the updates
8. downloads the app and will search for the patient’s name.

9. Once they find the page, they will select it, but
10. They won’t be see any updates

11. A text message will be sent to the admins like the patients wife or
12. the friend who is staying in the hospital.
13. and once they approve, they can see the page with the status updates.
14. This way everyone knows what is happening to the patient.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Paid Version: With the free version, only 10 people
1.1 can see the updates
1.2 with the paid version, unlimited people can see the updates
1.3 sell the paid version for $4.99

2. Ads : For the users who are seeing the status,
2.1 show ads at the bottom