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197: Humorous Digital Get Well greetings

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1. A lot of people buy get-well greeting cards
2. For their friends and family who had surgery and
3. recovering in the hospital.

4. The Patient is already depressed, so instead of the
5. Boring “Get well” cards, a lot of people want to
6. Lighten up the patient, so they prefer to send
7. Humorous get-well cards

8. What if you can open up a website focused solely on
9. humorous digital greeting cards and nothing else.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. and when users want to send a humorous
3. greeting card, they browse through the
4. selection, pick the one they liked and
5. can send it as a text to the patient.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Ads : Occasionally show iAds on the app

2. Print cards : Partner with companies like Zazzle or Lob to
2.1 print physical cards and ship them
2.2 Charge them $2.99 per card.