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198: Buy Stock Photos from locals

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1. There are a lot of stock photo websites
2. which sell stock photos.
3. There are some businesses and ad agencies
4. who want hard to find photos
5. and would love if locals–i.e anyone living in that area
6. can provide those photos

7. For e.g, if someone wanted the Ariel photo of
8. Makena Beach in Hawaii

9. Someone living near the beach or
10. visiting there currently can
11. Shoot the Ariel pictures with their drone and
12. Send it to them.


1. This will be an smartphone app as well as a website
2. When some ad agencies or freelancers need
3. to get a photo of a particular location, they

4. put in their request and some one
5. who is in that place can get a picture and upload it.
6. If the buyer likes the picture, he can buy it

7. For e.g if the buyer wants a picture of
8. Sunset at treasure beach in Jamaica, he can put in
9. his request and someone who is there in Jamaica

10. Can take a shot and send it to the buyer.
11. If the buyer likes it, he can buy it
12. You can set the price to a fixed price like $10
13. for each picture.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Take a cut of the transaction: You take a 2% cut of the sale price
1.1 of the stock photos

2. Have a monthly subscription Plan: A lot of freelancers
2.1 prefer subscription plan especially if they buy a lot of
2.2 stock photos.
2.3 You can price the subscription to $79 per month
2.4 for 15 stock photo downloads.