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199: WordPress plugin to automatically find good images for blog posts

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1. There are a lot of bloggers out there,
2. Who would like to get pictures for their blog posts
3. Right now, it is a little cumbersome process

4. They go and search many free stock photos website
5. And finally pick a picture which they like
6. What if there is a plugin to make it
7. dead simple to find a picture.


1. Once the blogger writes the headline
2. The plugin will remove the filler words like
3. “a, is” etc
4. and then it will take the main words,
5. finds the synonyms for these words

6. It will then connect to flickr , pixabay or any of the free stock photo
7. websites and pull the images related to these keywords
8. It automatically picks a random photo and displays it.

9. The blogger can also see all the photos and
10. pick the photo he likes and
11. the plugin will pull the photo into his blog post.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Paid version: With the free version,
1.1 they can use it for 4 blog posts per month
1.2 the paid version can be used for
1.3 unlimited blog posts.
1.4 The plugin can be sold for $49.00

2. Paid stock photos: Partner with stock photo companies
2.1 like ShutterStock which sell stock photography
2.2 and sell their photos
2.3 you will get affiliate commissions.