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200: Podcasts from Entrepreneur AMA’s (Ask me Anything)

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1. AMA ‘s are where an entrepreneur answers any questions
2. from the audience.
3. There are a lot of AMA’s i.e “Ask me anything” from entrepreneurs
4. especially on Reddit  but these are all in text format

5. There are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who
6. do not like to read but would like to
7. listen to these AMA’s as podcasts.


1. This will be a podcast
2. You take all the AMA’s from entrepreneurs from the internet
3. snd convert them to podcasts

4. While doing the podcast,
5. You can get a couple of friends to act as the audience and
6. ask questions

7. and you can be the entrepreneur answering the questions.
8. Since AMA’s are very famous, your podcast has a very high chance
9. Of attracting lots of traffic and succeeding.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sponsorship : Once you attract a sizeable audience,
1.1 You can get sponsors for your podcasts

2. Publish Books of the best questions: Take about 12 AMA’s
2.1 Pick the best questions and the answers and
2.2 create a kindle book and sell on Amazon
2.3 You can publish many books with 12 AMA’ s in each book