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30 day cure for the incurable Diabetes


1. Almost all the doctors and diabetics patients believe that diabetics cannot be cured
2. They think taking pill and injecting insulin is the only way.
3. Diabetes a curable problem, causes lots of other problems like Heart attacks , kidney problems etc.


1. Start a blog to provide all this information and you can keep updating it regularly.
2. If you look at the definition of diabetics, it says it is metabolic disorder not a disease.
3. Diabetics can be cured completely, using Raw food diet in about 30-45 days.
4. The raw food diet can be relaxed a bit after this 45 day period.

How to make Money.

1. You can write and sell a delicious raw-food recipe book
2. You can sell a 30-day diabetic cure e-book, which explains what food and what schedule to be done everyday.